How to help increase your skins recovery.

With this time of year, having bad skin can be common. Sadly all those chocolates and nice tasting things (why is it always the nice tasting things?) reward me with terrible skin. 

Besides taking extra care with morning and night time routines and maybe an extra exfoliation to the areas most effected I find the two best things to speed things along a bit is: Water with lemon and green tea. 

lukewarm water with fresh lemon juice is amazing, it helps to clear the skin as it is packet full of vitamin C, but it also can help with keeping those wrinkles at bay. 

Green tea is also quite the wonder product. Even though lemon and water helps to remove toxins form the body Green Tea is best know for this. It also has added benefits such as increasing the metabolism and it decreases tooth decay.   

All in all, this will help get rid of bad skin in no time! Do you think you will be giving this a try now? do you have any tips to get of bad skin in a hurry? 


  1. Ah I swear by lemon in lukewarm water! And at least it jazzes up boring aul water a little bit!

  2. yes exactly! it really is a wonder tip!


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