Review: Sure maximum protection

Remember this ad?

The height of a new era in deodorants...ones that actually keep sweat at bay. Exciting eh? Oh very much so

I really wanted to get my hands on it when it was launched into the blogingsper. The fact that it stops you form sweating is just like when they invented sliced bread! convenient and useful, cant really go wrong can we?

You apply it at night using two clicks. The reason for applying it at night is because your body's temperature is stable throughout the night which is what sure maximum protect needs in order for it to work. You can apply it during the day but it is not as effective.

You can get away with using it once every second day, which works fine but you need to build that up for a while.

The product its self is not that attractive as you can see below form the lovely pictures. Anyway the one that I so eagerly got my paws on was the 'sensitive' one and boy boy it has the most divine fragrance...I'm not sure about you but the smell of deodorant just pisses me off after a while. This on the other hand nope!! I love the sent its subtle and just lovely!

The big big question, dose it work?
Yes it really dose, its amazing and you don't have to worry about having to carry a can of deodorant around with you where ever you go!

There is one down side and that is that, it dose leave white marks on your clothing which as we all know is a no no, but sure its PJ's its not like anyone fancy will be seeing us!

The big question now folks, will I be repurchasing this Sure Maximum Protection?
Well I already have, which means that I can informe you of how long this lovely inovation last's for. I got three months out of it!! I didn't use it every night, but I used it most nights and that fact that I finished it alone says a lot.

Price wise, it is in no way cheap, when I first picked it up it was in and around the €6 mark and there has been an increase in Tesco around the €7 mark.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts??

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