Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Review

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If you follow me on twitter you will know my camera charger has decided to go missing and I have been forced out of action for some time now. Hopefully it will pop up soon! So apologies for the lack off blogging.
I have never been a huge fan of the Vaseline's body lotion range. I always found it to bee far too sticky I think that's because that it never really soaked  into my sink properly which is something that has really turned me off using body lotions.

What they say:
This is what it looks like, thick cream and off white in colour.

I have noticed a small difference but I am still a bit iffy about this product. Would I repurchase?  To be honest I don't think I would, I cant stand using products that
make my skin feel sticky. If I was really stuck I would just because it is cheap.

 "Our new Vaseline Essential Moisture range has an improved, non-greasy formulation that absorbs quickly to leave your skin feeling soft and looking healthy. It's the perfect everyday body lotion that leaves your skin silky smooth - while its special ingredients care for your skin just the way it needs" 

What I think:

I had high hopes for this product because of  the natural benefits of using  Cocoa Butter and was excited about their stratys 3 formula. I thought it took too long to absorb. As the day went on I could really feel it on my skin. The weird thing is that when I put my cloths on it didn't stick, so that was a strange plus but the smell of the Cocoa lingered in the fabrics so that was also a strage minus. My skin doesn't really feel that must different but after asking a few people it dose look healthy and it feels some what softer. 

Have you tried this? Did you see a difference in your skin? Did it stick to your skin?


  1. I just purchased the cocoa radiant. I will have to use it for a week ad write back. I don't like lotions but felt I should use lotion more often and I will copare itwith lotions I have used. I do see they have Total Moisture on their site. I did not find the cocoa radiant.

  2. Oh do!! I will be really interested in hearing your thoughts :) xxx

  3. I have been using the Vaseline cocoa butter for nearly a month now .
    I suffer from eczema tryed steroid creams E45 etc which stung on my skin when appling ,i would itch constantly especially at night my skin would burn tryed changing my diet juicing etc but to no avail been suffering for years..
    So i began surfing the net for info came across this cocoa butter someone had used it on their infant who suffered from eczema and how this child was all of a sudden having peacefull nights sleep without scratching,so i dashed to my local asda store who had it on offer even more of a bonus!! began applying twice a day ,first night i put on i slept like a log no burning or itching skin glowed and marks began to fade did not even sting my broken skin smells nice to, not even sticky soaks right in..
    gave a bottle to my sis inlaw to use on my niece she suffers eczema to ,so she tryed to excellent results her rashes cleared up marks to ..

    1. that is amazing to hear!

      I will recommend it then to those who do suffer from ecxema simply from your comment cause it really sounds like a life savor! I know a lot of people who have eczema use E45 but its great that you found an alternative and it must have been quite a risk for you to even consider using the lotion.

  4. I bought this because I ran out of my Vaseline essential moisture. I was so left down by it. Throughout the day you catch a whiff of the moisturser on your skin and it is not pleasant. It was very rich and took years to absorb into my skin but made no difference to colour or texture of skin. wont be repurchasing unforch

    1. yeah the scent is such a bad turn off! But I found the oil to be amazing in comparison!


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