The New love of my life

Hello Lovelies,

This is well in order.
I bought a pair of the most amazing ankle boots.
At any given opportunity (bar heavy rain) I can be found in these boots.

What I love about these lil babies most is how  unbelievably comfortable they are. You can wear these with anything, even on a night out!! 

These are definitely my favourite shoe of 2011!

These lovely babes can be found in ALDO for €60'ish.  
They come in three different colours, black, grey and brown.

P.S They are on sale at the moment Here, do check em out!!


  1. They are utterly gorgeous hun! I'd wear these to death :p I looked at them and my mind was already puttign together about 99 outfits :p


  2. @daisychain Thank you dear, they are so comfy, I really would recommend them for work, because you look like you maid a big effort and you can last all day in them no prob!!

    @fashionismyh20 I know!! you can really wear them with anything, I actually wish I bought another pair! next year I will be buying two!!

    Thanks for all your comments :) xxx

  3. I love these! My new years resolution for 2011 was to not buy boots and bags but 2011 is nearly over so perhaps I could treat myself.....

  4. @never too broke for beauty: if you buy on line, it could be very close to the new year so you could!! :p xx


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