How old is too young?

Hello Lovelies,

"don't you think you're a bit too young?"
A lot of people seam quite shocked when they find out that I am engaged or my age (21).

After haveing a conversion with someone who is agenst marrage, it got me thinking, what do people really think of getting married so young? Do their opinions change once they know the couple or stay the same?

When I think of getting married I don't think of forever I think of here and now, I don't think many people could think of being married for the rest of their lives, regardless of the commitment made. Regardless of how negative this sounds I feel that humans can't really cope with the actual thought of a life time commitment?  It is natural to freak out about things in life and walking down the isle is definitely one of those fears. 

No, marriage is not something that should be taken lightly and I feel it should not be seen as being the "next step up". For some they may say it is "the next step up" by it actually meaning it feels natural and they simply work. Others It may be that they have been together for X amount of time and feel that this is the next course of action, I have seen people split up over this just to avoid the pressure from family and friends.

If we look back 20 or 30 years it would be perfectly normal for a young couple (18 + age group) to be married or have plans of marriage. Yes times where different but 20 years is not that long ago when you really think about it. 

When it was first announced to a few close friends some hinted towards the question 
of a bun being in the oven, this coming form people who are ment to be some of my closest friends.I am sad to say, it didn't shock me. It dose seam to be something people wonder about, you cant simply want to marry because you want to, No you have to be expecting. It seams there really is a lot of negativity around getting married young. It would put a lot of young people off or they would feel they would have to wait till they are at a socially acceptable age.  

This really got me thinking, and here are a few peoples thoughts on the subject, rangeing form people who know me well to not at all. With the questions: What do you think off people getting married young? and what where you're first thoughts when you found out I was getting married?

"I don't think I'd do it myself, but...I wouldn't say it's 'bad'.... - on marage at ayoung age - I think people should wait until their late twenties ideally, but it's all fair enough really."

"First I was wondering if you were serious & then happy for you"

"i think it went from wow shes young to cool she's found the right one for her so early"

"I thought it was crazy cz you are so young but then when you told me how like fast you fell in love and that you just "knew" I thought it was adorable! Crazy but so cute and nice!"

"My initial reaction was like "wow she's so young thats crazy" but the when you talk about it properly I saw how laid back and happy you were about the whole thing I thought it was lovely. And it's so nice that someone is actually getting married at the age our parents would have. Like 30+ is old to get married when you think about it! If you know that he's the one then why not?"

"Honestly, i was ecstatic! I felt such happiness for u! Now i feel the exact same way and cant wait to witness u getting married and spending the rest of ur life feeling the happiest u hav ever felt"

What these quotes have shown is that there is some stigma but it comes down to the couple if its right to get married so young not there age.

Frankly I don't think young couples who want to make a life time commitment should have to justify there choice to others.

What do you think? Is there a too young? Are people better off getting married at an older age? Did anyone else experience negativity when you decided tied the not?

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  1. I think there is definitely a "too young", if you marry as a teenager you don't have the life experience to know that a person is "the one". As you get older you get to know yourself better and are able to choose a better partner! I thought a previous boyfriend was the one, rowed with friends and family over him. Turns out they were right and now I can look back, older and more mature and realize what a mistake I could have made!

  2. I think it's really up to the person, if you happy to make the next step then do so. If you not sure then wait a little longer. xx

    p.s Thanks for following me, I lost all my GFC followers, it would be amazing if you re-follow me if you want. I have a list of my followers xx

  3. @Chantelle, I definitely do see your point, your dead right there is an amount of maturity needed for a choice like that.

    @AngelaQ, It really should be, its a shame some couple split because off the pressure from those around them to something they don't feel they are ready for.



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