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Hello Lovelies,

If you haven't guessed today's post is about hair.

Now I don't really pay too much attention to my hair. It kinda just sits there and dose its own thing. But since I have picked my head piece, oh i know what your thinking now, where is post? did I miss something? Don't worry you haven't, I will chat about that closer to the time.

Since about the age of 8 I have had short hair, my hair is so thick that its a bit of a pain to manage on a day to day basis with out ending the day in tears trying pull out knots. So short and sweet was the answer. 

But now, I think its time to bring back my long locks! Its past my shoulder now. I'm not sure how long I want it, but I guess it will keep growing it till I am happy with it or till the wedding and get extensions in or cut it depending on what the hairdresser thinks works better. Sounds like a bit off a waist, but between you and me I have always wanted long hair I just never had the patience for it but now is the best time because it's now a goal.

So now I end this post with inspirational bridal hair styles, Enjoy!

Images from here & here


  1. so pretty!! i'm a huge fan of hot rollers- still rocking the 70s charlie's angels hair - it works! ;-)

  2. Hot rollers are the best! they are so much better than curling irons!! xx


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