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'The Ring' has to be one of the biggest thing a girl or guy has to pick out. Unlike allot of thing to do with the wedding this is one of the permanent things and what makes this choice even harder is that their are so many to chose from, you don't even realise the grand scale of things, until your in the mist of it. 

The worst thing I found, was that went you though you settled on a ring, you start thinking "I hope this is the ring" I don't know if it was dough or what, but you get thrown into a part of life, that you simply didn't think was this complicate, you find yourself looking at other women's wedding fingers, to check out "the rock", it almost becomes an obsession. 

I will be going into more detail about "the ring" in the next post. So on to the good stuff!!

I thought I had found The Ring, but their was something that I could not really put my finger on, when It had come to time to buy, the woman who we where dealing with put me of completely, she kept on saying how unique the ring is, and that no ring is the same, the fact that she kept on saying "unique" maid me think "no its not, if it was you would have said it once"  also, I think this was the thing that put me off completely was that she said it had stones of the shoulder not diamonds. 

After that I decided to just give the ring hunt a brake for a while, I didn't know it yet, but the day I decided to for a milkshake with my good friend Ciara after college was the day I would find it. 

We where walking back to the main shopping street where I saw it, a little glint form it had caught my eye. We decided for the hell of it why not try it on, its  not as if we had anything better to do. 
and well 

I did, and by god, it sparkled so much

I touched on this briefly, did anyone's fiancĂ©e pick out the ring? 

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