The Royal Wedding

I am not really big into celebrity life, I would count the royal wedding to be under that category.

On the morning of the 29th of April, not so long after my own engagement party, I decided to watch this historic occasion, with Marty Whelan's lovely cometary. 

I was one of the few who didn't really care about the dress, I knew it would be nice, expensive and suite her down to a T. That was before I saw it. 

One thing did bother me when I saw it. The sleeves! I am very self-conscious about my arms. 

When I would dream about my own wedding dress, I imagined a sleeveless dress, but I knew I didn't have the arms for it, so sleeves would have to be an option unless I start hitting the gym hard and now!(I also think that the whole sleeveless idea was to do with fashion trends). I didn't like the idea of selves. Any wedding dress I saw with sleeves I would instantly disliked the dress. I thought that it lacked elegance.

I thought her selves where the perfect solution (not that she needs it), the sleeves are so classy and simple. I am annoyed, it was the prefect idea, it had answered all my problems, its just that she did it, and pretty much every person on earth has seen her dress. If I do go for lace selves will people think that I am copying her?

I bloged about a wedding nightmare I had a few weeks ago, I went into a fair bit of detail about the dress, but felt I couldn't describe it to the full extent. when I was looking through Kate's wedding photos. I noticed that the bottom half of her dress, was like the one in my dream, the only difference is that their was no train. (just thought I would add in that piece of info) 

So what do you think, should I start to hit the gym hard or should I go with the selves? 
Would people think that I am copying her?


  1. Definitely wouldnt be a copy, its just a trend now and a gorgeous one, I think the lace sleeves would suit you beautifully! I actually imagined you having a lacy dress:)

    The main thing to remember is the dress is whatever you want and feel comfortable in so it doesnt matter what others think.

  2. As long as you're not copying the entire dress, I say definitely go for it.

    It's your big day, and if sleeves make you feel more confident, then that's all that matters.

    I doubt anyone will even put the two dresses together ;)

  3. @Audrey awwh thank you :) you are right about that!

    @kat thank you! I hope so! :) oh god no! I was watching xposé (Irish fashion/gossip show) and they had copies of the dress, I couldn't believe it, like the next day!

    Thank you all for reading! and thank you all for following!! It makes me smile :) xxxx


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