We had been talking about getting engaged for quite some time, I would say we started talking about it after our trip to Italy. Then from their we decided that we would take the next big step. Of course we were worried about what people would think because we where not together for that long.

After a few more weeks passed we decided to change our relationship status to Engaged on Facebook. From this the reaction was quite mixed it was quite understandable considering we where not with each other that long. The real big thing was how do we tell the parents? so we kinda put it on the long finger. Ok yes we where not officially engaged because our parents didn't know and their was no ring. 

On our 6th month anniversary Paul had decided to surprised me with a night in the Dylan hotel (go there! you will not be disappointed). 

This bed is actually huge for an idea of how big it is: the pillows are oversized!

It wasn't the smoothest of nights, we had a massive fight. After we kissed and maid up he officially asked me, he didn't go down on one keen or anything but for us it was 100% prefect. 

Now the hard part. 
The next day we had to tell the parents...how we did it well I have to say was a bit childish. Myself and Paul texted our parents. We couldn't really face what they would say being so worried that they would say "we where too young" or "we should wait" or what was running through my mind that you "shouldn't marry her". Thankfully none of that happened  

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