Why now???

So who knows how far this will go, but I have take it upon myself to start a blog.


Well see I have always wanted to be one of those cool people who have a blog....but never had the reason to do it...or maybe the time.
Well who knows...here I am with my blog......

What the blog is going to be about???? well to bring you (that is if I get any of you's) along on a journey with me.

See I need your help and suggestions.

I'm getting married....but I don't know where where and all that stuff, and I will need to give people some sort of an idea when. I am just as clueless as they are. Maybe even more so because I have never been to a wedding! 

All that I have achieved to date is the engagement party and the "picking out of the very nice twinkly ring" 

My aim on all of this is to talk about my experiences with planing a wedding... and maybe just maybe to help someone who stumbles upon this. But not only this I will be setting myself a few chalanges thought out this. 

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