A broken down LUAS (tram). See we really can't cope with snow.
This actually happend quite recently. We had decided to have it during Christmas......but Ireland cant really cope with one thing....SNOW, so that went out the window.

So we ended up coming up with "21st/25th and most importantly engagement party" as you can guess both of  our birthdays are quite close together.  

So we had a fancy dinner with the family and the soon to be in-laws, t'was very yummy I must say. 
Because I spent so long on deciding on a ring I ended up getting at the dinner...where he did go down on one knee with a lode of people watching so quite embarrassing for him cause he's all like "oh don't do anything weird in public" anyway I will go into all of that in detail in the next post.

Ok I need to find more pictures, the other one that I can find is slightly inappropriate. 

Found them 
Paul 'officially' proposing

SO overall the night was a huge success, everyone got on with one another and form what I heard everyone had an amazing time. so job done!

At first when Paul said that he wanted to have an engagement party I was like no, I didn't see the point it in what so ever, I bellive and still do that it is a tad unesseiray. During the "party" part I felt I was dragged every witch way and felt bad that I couldn't say talking to one group of people for more than 5 minutes. We did have a dinner part, I felt that that was perfect, their was no rushing and everyone enjoyed it. I am happy that we did have a party because I never did any big party thing before, so I am glad for the experiences.

Do you think that having an engagement party is necessary, or would you rather have a dinner with the family? or just leave it all together? 


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