My first wedding nightmare

I really cant believe I had one. after I woke up I was like "did this really happen?" like I don't even have a date set, this should not be happening till like T -6 months.

The dream started off with being outside the church, the ceremony had finished, and I remember focusing on the dress, it was classy but it had these puffy sleeves, like the puffy wedding sleeves form the 80's but smaller. I had a flashback in the dream, I was at a fitting for the dress and I have to say that it was quite pretty. I remember going into, I think a normal BMW or something but with my mother not Paul, but in the dream I didn't find it strange. 

We where on our way to Enniskerry (which is where the venue is for the dream wedding) but it wasn't Enniskerry if you get me, it looked more like Kilkenny. I had a wedding planner but she gave me a folder with a load of details in it and it said where the venue was, but I hadn't the venue. We went to what we thought was the venue and it was prefect but it was not the venue. I started to completely freak out and tore out my veil and stated crying over it so I ended up ruing my make-up (which I did myself :s) I also changed my dress to some orange/red thing and I haven't got a clue how. 

We found the right venue in the end, now this is where it gets strange, in the venue, its basically laid out for a wedding ceremony, there are a few people scattered around but I don't notice who they are. at the end of the room there was a fitting and I had to go in there to change back into the wedding dress. Then I sat down with everyone else in the room and I noticed that the people in the room where people I lost contact with over the years. 

Beside me was Paul, he took off my engagement ring and switched the diamond to a blue plastic thing. And then I freaked out yet again. 

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