The No Carbs Diet

When I say diet I don't mean it as a diet. I just don't know what else to call it. I was debating about writing this post last night as for me parts of it are personal. I had a conversation on twitter which made up my mind. 

I did not get this way of eating out of a diet book it just worked for me as I know a lot about food etc. This is not heathy I only use to to ensure that I don't gain weight.

This will be my second time doing this. As I said its only weight management.

This 'diet' is a bit long winded so you are warned in advance.  

The Basics: 
As the tittle states you are going to be staying away from carbs. Not all carbs though, if carbs are in the food naturally then its A.OKAY
you are going to stay away from bread, pasta, potatoes (even though thats more starch), wraps, rice etc 
You are also going to want to a avoid cheese, butter, sweets 

Portion Size: 
Cut everything in half. 
Measure out the recommended amount (as most of us give double serving sizes)

Fruit & Veg:
 If you choose to do this diet this is going to be a big part of it.
Ensure that you double how much you would normally consume. 
So you are basically replacing the carbs that would normally be on your plate with fruit or veg, 

What to drink:
lots and lots of water!
Since your cutting your portions down you are going to be be hungry so its important to fill up on liquids. 
Green tea is great as it speeds up your metabolism try to have one cup with every meal
Lemon and water is a life savor read more about it here 

If you have a craving brush your teeth
chew gum
Put your food on a smaller plate so it looks less empty
Take your time while eating (take a sup of water between each bite)

ok so as a balanced diet its important to snack 
With this I don't for the first week

Sample Day Of Food:
just to give you an idea of what I am going to eat over the week:

100g natural yogurt 
100g of fruit


Salad -mix leaves
        - Tomatoes
     - peppers
Roasted chicken breast 1/4
Roasted Garlic

So yeah its not a lot. Like I said you are filling yourself up with water.
The whole point of this is to help shrink your stomach.
So I do this for about a week. 
By the end of the week I slowly introduce carbs but instead of having two slices of bread with my sandwich I will have one. 
For me this is a life style change so I do stick to some of the principles but im not as strickt.  
I am off college this week so I can afford to do this. 
I am taking vitamins with this 'diet' 

You need to stop eating when you feel full. 
I think this is a big part of it and you should carry this on after you finish this 'diet' 
I like to eat before I am fully full. - This is where eating slow and drinking between bits comes into play. 

I keep carbs to the minimum for about 2 weeks after this. 
I try to keep portion sizes to about the same 

I can't really go out to restaurants now (not that I go a lot)
I always leave a lot of food behind 

Would you try this? have you done something similar? 
Would you like an update on how I got on?

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