A Review On Pixy: Bath Muffins And Soap

Way back at the Christmas Blogger meet up Pixy where so kind and gave all of us a sample of their soaps and then a few weeks later Pixy where even kinder and they send out two tickets to the Crafts Fair in the RDS!

Bath muffins sound so much fun don't they? One level above a bath boom, more luxurious and just plain yumm. Well that they are! They are quite good. There is a down side and I am not the only one to find this (I sent the poor mother on a test run with one to see if it was just me). 

Let me paint the picture, you plan on a lovely night with a few mags some candles and a piping hot bath. You decided you will use a bath muffin to help relax those aching muscles  You run the water, and pop the muffin in the bath. Everything is all good. You pop your self in and relax. When its time to force your self out of your lovely warm bath (lets face it prune hands are not a good look) you find your self holding onto those two bars at the side of your bath extra tight. Why? Well its so slippy. there is so much oil in one bath muffin that flashing images of the rest of the fam finding you in your birthday suit with your head cracked open flash before your eyes.

So the bath muffin has too much oil in it for what its worth that its a health risk. I am sorry to say. As you mange you pull your self out of the bath praying to the gods that you wont slip. You let the water drain out and you begin to notice a thick residue has built up along the bath from the muffin. This residue is made up of oil so 1, it's going to take a lot of elbow grease to get it off and 2, well your not going to be relaxed after cleaning that up.   

so with the story asides, yes my skin was well moisturised as the product suggested it would do but it's not a product I would be buying again. They are beautifully packaged and very pretty to look at as well. 

I'm going to give you my thoughts on the soaps. I can hands down say I love them! I am a bit weird when it comes to scents and I find over powering ones a turn off after a while (so much of a turn off in fact I feel sick!) So when I opened the tutti frutti soap I was a bit apprehensive to clean my Nima Mitt (review) with it. To my surprise the scent was not all that bad, toned down and perfect for a soap. 

The soaps are kind to my sensitive skin and I find they don't dry out my hands as much as other soap's. Yes I am delighted with these bars and after opening my first pack about two months ago I would say I have another 4 months left with it! 

Even though I didn't have the best experience with the bath muffin I'm not going to let that stop me from trying out other products in the Pixy range. Overall the bath muffins where a disappointment unless they have changed the formula  the soap's however where not and I'm so please I have them in my life to wash my Nima Mitt with! 

You can check out their vast range here 


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  1. I really want to give some products a try!
    When I next see you, you can reccomend the best of the bunch to me x


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