Benefit Fine One One A Review

Benefit are known for throwing the most amazing events, sadly the battery in my camera ran out so I have no pics. The girls where amazing at the event. So full of energy and very friendly. We had two amazing guest speakers, the daughters of the owners! It was amazing to see them and how they talked so enthusiastically about the product.
I love how compact Fine One One is. I think its perfect for a night out as you have your highlighter, blush and contour all in one! That saves an amazing amount of time! Fine One One is very easy to use, you just swipe it across your cheeks and blend in. It feels soft but not silky and it doesn't give a great dewy look. 

I feel this 3 in 1 wonder has been designed carefully with the non makeup fanatic in mind. Which is perfect, Fine One One suits almost all skin types so there is no fussing and panicking over the vast range of blushers that you can choose from. 

Fine One One is not just for the cheeks you can use it for your lips as well! 
You can build up the colour but I find it take times, this could be due to the consistency, it's a mix between powder and cream so if you suffer from dry skin it wont highlight any dry areas. 

I find I can build up the pigmentation if I pop on some powder after I apply it at first and then once more after. 

I think Fine One Once is great if you are in a rush but I don't find myself reaching for it as much as I would like. I think it's great for those who are time poor and those who want something that's simple and easy to use and wont find intimidating. 

If you think this product would be perfect for you can pick it up for €34.
Have you heard of Fine One One before? Have you used it? What did you think of it? What do you think of Benefit's range 


  1. the packaging of this is to die for but €34 seems terrifying - how far does the product go up when you twist it like? It doesn't look like there's a lot of it included...

  2. Sarah: I will take a quick pic and put it up today and will tweet you when its up! :)
    yes 34 is a bit steep for my liking but i dont know if its the student in me who is saying that or not

  3. It's a bit too expensive for me since I have separate products I use but looks lovely on you!

  4. I think this works well on really pale skin as it's so sheer xo

  5. I think its an ideal product for someone who is just getting into make-up, definitely a great product for pale skinned people like me.

  6. It looks very pretty indeed but I don't think I'll be getting it, have bought so much contouring blushy hilighting stuff lately, enough for now:) Looks fab on you though

  7. @makeupmonster - yeah i love using the separate products more, just find I have more controle with it. thanks

    @fluff - yeah i wonder what its like on dark skin. I havent seen it on dark skin yet

    @Roses - yes I have to agree with you on that one, maybe even as a present for those who are not as experienced?

    @Audrey - yeah use what you have first! it is pretty but for me too girly or something i dunno :/ aww thanks hun :)


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