The Benefit Wish List

For years this list just keeps on growing and growing, for some reason it is the only cosmetic brand that I am so drawn to. Their packing may be fun and quirky but it's not solely on that account either. To be perfectly honest I don't know what it is. Yes the products are amazing and since 2011 they have been growing from strength to strength since the launch of 'they're real' mascara. It might have something to do with that.

Frankly as colorful as their products are, back in the celtic tiger times I think it only appealed to D4 teenagers while the rest of the makeup conscious population quickly ran past the benefit counters hoping to not have to endure having their face being repainted simply out of being polite and to cure the poor slaes girl bordom. Perhaps also that those slaes girls (the majority) had no formal training (this has changed since).

 Am I saying that the quality wasn't there? 
No, I think the quality was always there, I think Benefit where not sure of there role in the changing beauty world. Lets face it the products are not cheap, but the quality and longevity that is expected from the high end counters is there. I my own (marketing) opinion Benefit Cosmetics never did fit into the mix. It was created by normal women (i.e non make up artists) for normal women and to share with them the tricks of the trade in fun diagrams. So what would make the rest of the make up beauty conscious decided to spend their hard earned cash on Benefit products? Innovation and that quite frankly from what I can see is what Benefit it all about. Do you agree? 

Lastly, I think that with their aggressive online strategy they have been able to get more notice and have helped to increase there brand awareness which is brilliant timing with the type of products that they are putting out there now. 

And now the fun bit:

One product that I have featured in this wish list is the lip glosses which where released during the summer and are just a pure wonder product. Yes I am totally mesmerized by this and even though my top two have been featured, frankly I want all the glosses in the range. 

Do you have a benefit wish list? 

p.s: I had no intention for this post to be so long and to be so business focussed 


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