Nandos Blogger Meetup

As Hanna from A Bullet To The Head informed us on the twitter machine that she has never experience Nandos It had to be rectified at once!

So of course a meetup needed to be organised, and yours truly has taken on the challenge. 

The Deets:

When: It will take place on the 26th of January (A saturday) 

Where: Nandos...obvs

Time: either 6 or 7pm...who knows we might go a bit crazy and say 6.30 

Everyone is more than welcome to come but please 
email me on:
Tweet me at: @SarahHelenR
so I know that you are coming! 

I will need to book a table so let me know before the 22nd 

If you want to keep up with all that happening I am using the hashtag


  1. Can't wait! Thanks for organising it all! x

  2. Nor can I! I hope more people attend! and most importantly all that say they will go even to the last min show! hate what that happens!

  3. Ahh why am I just hearing about this :O count me in doll :) so excited!! xxx


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