Human + Kind: all in one day and night cream

I received this as part of a goodie back way back during the summer at a blogger meet up.  Read more about the meet up here

I really took a fancy to this product. Why? well it worked. The actual cream has an odd feel to it that I would not expect from a moisturiser. What I also find really odd is that there is this plastically smell of the cream which for something that is free of all natural I find really odd. 

Besides the texture and smell of the product, it's a nice one to have. It didn't my my T-zone oily which a lot of moisturisers do and well it moisturised my skin. 

What this product clams to do is:
moisturises and beautify dehydrated skin
Restores, nourishes and rejuvenates
Softens and evens out skin tone
Helps the appearance of damaged skin
Remedies minor skin ailments

Lucky my skin dosen't have any huge issues besides open pores (eww) so I can't really say i noticed a huge improvement. All I know is that the product worked for me. 

I love the packaging of the product, I think its funky and different and I really like how its in a box, its always the small details really. 

Have you tried this product before? Have you heard of the brand before? 


  1. Hello, new to your blog :D looks really pretty..

    As for this product I have never heard of human kind before but it looks a nice fresh brand, may give this a go :) <3

  2. Aww thanks :)

    Oh do! your right they really do have a fresh approach to the whole natural skin care side to the beauty industry!


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