Review: Simple Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser

So as much as I like to praise a product/brand on my blog, there are times when I just can't. This is one of these situations. 

It's ok, but it's not amazing. I would much rather go with the Simple cream cleanser than this. The foam comes across as more of a novelty than anything else. 
Yes its meant to help remove more dirt and in a more effective manner but I didn't get that wow this cleanser is amazing my skin feels/looks so much better from using this. 

So yeah I feel that it is a very average product and for the same price (around €7) you can get a far better product that will work 10 times better!

Now it doesn't just end there, it appears that I am allergic to this product yes that is right, full on allergic now I got two reactions from using this product. The first time I didn't realise it was from using the foam cleanser but the second time I knew straight away. 
What happen was that my lips swelled up so much that they actually blistered (I know gross, but I feel you should know). According to a pharmacist simple is not so simple after all, and, is pretty much useless for those of us have 1, sensitive skin or 2, (like me) are fair skinned. The ingredients can cause reactions (like me) and just should be avoided. 

I would also like to add that I did tweet simple about this and they never replied to my tweet

I would love to hear your thoughts on this product, have you tried it? Have you had any reactions to skin care products in the past?


  1. I hate simple products with a passion...least effective cleansers I've ever used!

  2. I use simple products and i love them but then I used a different face wash from them and I'm pretty sure I was allergic. i'll be staying away from this foam clenser!

  3. @Sarah: Have to agree with you 100% before I got into my skin care simple was what i went for. So glad I know better now
    @Pinkglitter10: yeah maybe your skin isn't as sensitive as mine. I just dont think their products are as good as they could be/should be.


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