Just shut up for a week (well 5 days)

An acquaintance  of mine has shut up for a five days all in the name of charity for his college now those of you that know me know I am a UCD gril and well this guy is a TCD guy and well I don't need to go into the deets about the 'friendly'rivalry that goes on between these two colleges. 

Anyways I think what he is doing is pretty dam awesome. Just think about it, he can't say a word for five days all in the name of charity. Now that is much braver than getting parts of your body waxed or your head shaved. 
He has been keeping a video long of how he has been getting on so do check them out below, personally I think they are really interesting form a physiological perspective. 

Here is the Facebook group where he links the videos every night and more about why and the link to how much he has raised to date is all here


P.S: I am not doing this post in anyway to help raise money for what hes doing I just think its amazing what he is doing and feel it needs to be shared.

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