Are you ready to get married?

In this months Glamour magazine, I came across a love test (P.54) so I thought why the hell not!

It basically is a list of compatibility questions that been taken form different on-line dating sites, and "researchers have found the results freakishly accurate."  they broke these commonly asked questions down into different sections. 

Naturally being myself, I skipped ahead to the last section. "Are you ready to get married?"

I did look at the other sections, to be honest, I can see how they are accurate and definitely do do them!  I just think their is no need to show you, I have a stable relationship, I wouldn't have started this blog if I didn't. 

I think getting your boy to answer these questions without freaking out at the title is an achievement in its self!  so fair play!

The following questions have been created by Graeme Armstrong, who works at Relate. 

Their are a few questions in the test that are a bit personal, in those cases I will have "we came to an agreement" or "we did not come to an agreement", by doing this I can still give you a honest answer and not have to say 'no comment'.

         "how important to you is spending time with family"

We both answered that it is important

"Money is best used for..."


"What's  our financial goal for the next three years? Five?"

Paul: to make money
Sarah: to be financially secure

"Who should handle the finances?"

We both should

"Do we have a budget that will help us achieve our financial plans"


"Do we know how much we owe and to whom?"

                                                     Yes and yes

"I am comfortable discussing our financial affairs with my partner"


"I can live within my income"

"We have discussed whether we will have separate bank accounts"


"I am feeling some pressure to get married"


"We have discussed our feelings about having Children, and about how to plan our family"


"Sex is extremely important to me"
                we came to an agreement

"Sex is necessary for happiness"
                                                                                                             we came to an agreement
"Sex is a good sign of a couple's love" 


"I am afraid of being sexually unsatisfying to my future 

                                  we came to an agreement

"I am satisfied with the amount of romance in our relationship"


"I will feel comfortable letting my spouse know that I am in the mood for sex"

we came to an agreement

"I will feel comfortable letting my spouse know I'm not in the mood"

                                              we came to an agreement

"I will feel comfortable initiating sex"

we came to an agreement

"Our sex life will cool off as we grow older"

we came to an agreement

My thoughts on the whole thing????
Firstly I though it was a good laugh.  I don't think its just for people who want to see if their relationship is ready for the next big step. Its for any serious relationship. Looking back on it now, it really does get you talking about certain things that would not have crossed your mind and are potential argument starters. 

Overall, I would suggest this, and, its fun. (well I thought it was fun)

Did you do the love test? How did you find it? Would you recommend it?


  1. Hi.You have a nice blog.
    Pls check out mine as well ( I just got married last December. Advance congratulations on your wedding day!

  2. Thank you :)
    Your blog is lovely (just had a look at it their)
    awh thank you :) xx


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