L'Oreal Paris - FÉRIA BY PRÉFÉRENCE Review! (before and after!)

So on Monday I instagramed this picture: 

After a very detailed conversation about hair colouring on twitter (it always starts on twitter don't it?) I was advised to try out the above. I felt like a change. I have plans on going purple during the summer when funds allow it but for now messing around with conditioning toners will have to do. 

I went ahead with it on Monday night (as i was dyeing the ends on my hair, no need for an allergy test etc). 

The instructions are piss easy to follow! you get your toner, gloves and instructions. What had annoyed me is that it's stated that the gloves are high quality yet they where kinda on the weak side. 

So anyway onto the before and after! 

Yeah I'm not very impressed. I wasn't expecting a major change but I was expecting a tint of some shape or form!

So yep you guessed it I am very disappointed!

It did condition my hair but erm the colour is what I was after!

do you have any hair colouring story's where the colour just didn't take? 


  1. oh no, that's so annoying! Your hair looks a bit blonder in the 2nd pic though, that's something?

  2. I know right! it's just the lighting the first pic was taken at night and the second first thing in the morning. it does look like its in a better condition though


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