Review: Nima Mitt

How much do you hate removing your makeup? A bit? A lot? So much that you sometimes don't? Applying makeup is always fun, but the removing part not so much.

The Nima Mitt makes it child's play. The mitt is basically well a mitt that you pop on your hand, pop the mitt under the tap to let it get nice and damp...then well rub it all over your face and look in amazement at all of your makeup on this lil baby pink mitt. Now look at how clean and radiant your face is.

The fabric of the mitt is micro fibre, this has a duel purpose, when the water hits the mitt the fibbers tighten up making it the perfect tool to remove your makeup and they grab on to any trace of makeup. What the fibbers also do is help to exfoliate your skin and get hold of any dead skin cells leaving you with radiant skin.

This mitt is my No. 1 beauty tool of 2013, I know such a bold statement but for someone who falls into the last category it has changed my life. Never mind how much time it saves. Now I still use my eye makeup remover but only to speed up the process. I have tried it a number of times on its own and it has removed ever speck of back eyeliner even better than my eye makeup remover!

I received the mitt from Niamh well over a moth ago and have used it every night (well i usually have a full face on 7 days a week) I love being able to go to bed knowing that all my make up has been removed. Knowing that I only needed to use my cleaner once instead of double cleansing (yay more cleanser for me)

I would highly recommend that everyone get there hands on this wonder mitt! Who doesn't want to go to bed knowing their face is fully makeup free, and they saved a few minutes on their night time routine.

It's so simple to clean the mitt and there are easy to follow instructions that accompany the mitt. From the photo's you can see that the packaging is girly and fresh. I would love to see the mitt come in other colours such a purple (the best colour ever!) 

You can get your paws on this mitt online but a little birdie has told me that It will be in stores soon!
For now you can pick up your very own here for €12.95 or buy 3 and get 1 free!

Have you heard of the mitt before? What do you think of it? Are you going to be placing an ordering any time soon?



  1. Great post! I've been hearing so much about this mitt. I really need to get on xx

  2. Greatest invention of all time! I'm gonna buy 3 of them to have on in the boyfriend's house and everywhere I go!

  3. I have one! And I agree, they are brilliant! Everyone should have one :-)


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