Review: Cocoa Brown Tan by Marissa Carter

I have never been big into my tan, infact before useing coca brown I had used fake tan on my legs three times about five or even six years ago. So yeah I like to embrase my pale skin. At the Christams blogger meet up, Marissa herself was there to give us a talk about her new product. Frankly it was a dam good talk. She told us that the prodcut would not cause a reaction for even the most senstive of skin type and it would daw out your natural tan colour so no looking like an umpal loompa.

You can let the tan develop from one hour all the way to three, three being the darkets.

The product itself is a moose, and is easy to apply. Its smooth but remember a little goes a long way! The smell is not really my cup of tea. When I used the tan for the first time it was christmass eve before a party (yeah I dont really think things through) I was impressed. I had a lovely glow and my lovely green eyes did pop. Now I had let the tan do its magic for an hour before I washed it off. The second time was for NYE so my lovely outfit would look....well more sexy with a tan (in all fairness it was an all black ensambel) I left the tan on for almost two hours and yes I was darker again and I did look well less dead and more like a noraml human being for once.

Top is my arm before the tan and bellow is my arm after just a one hour application

I rember after the second application it took about a week for the tan to come off, something wich I didnt really like as it started to blothc in places and it all didn't come off gradually, I may have applied it wrong for all I know. As I said before I am no expert in the tan department.

For a total nueb I thought the tan did what it said on the tin, but its not for me. As much as I would love to have a tan just to let my eyes pop for once It's too messy. What makes Coca Brown Tan even more fantastic is the price! Yes even me the broke ass student cant afford it! €7.99 - for that 8 quid you will get about 3 full body goes out of it maybe even more!

Have you used it before? Are you like me and do you avoid fake tan? Do you think you will try it? 



Thank you for you comment :) I will reply as soon as I can x


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