Dark Doo Wop

So two weeks ago I was invited to the amazing Butter London event. As I was waiting at the bus stop I decided to whip out the aul camera. 

As always I went for very boring neutral eyes and liner. I did however go a bit crazy on the blush, I have been doing this a lot as of late and I love it. If I didn't, I would look almost ghost like which is a look I love but it's nice to look heathy from time to time. 

The products used are the same as in my last FOTD which you can check out here

Have you changed you daily makeup look as of late?


  1. I adore your coat! I love the blush as well. I'm going to check out the colour now :)

  2. @daisycahin: aww thanks so much for your comment! you made my day!! :) your too kind!! xx

    @Avril: thanks so much :) its a great coat but I find that everyone has it now :/


Thank you for you comment :) I will reply as soon as I can x


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