Being Single On Valentines Day

As a blogger you get bombarded with PR emails that are all related to valentines day. Being single it's like rubbing salt into the wound. I have been receiving these valentines day emails since jan so it has gotten to me a bit. Usually valentines day is just another day, yes it would be nice to receive flowers from an admire and have breakfast in bed. But as a single gall that is not going to happen.  On that day realistically you are going to be giving evils to everyone that looks remotely happy. What makes it worse is that every business out there jumps on the valentines day band waggon and make it out to be a lot more than what it is.  I'm sorry but you don't need one day to show that you love someone. If you really care about someone you are going to be doing the usual valentines day crap on a regular basis.

 Feb is not the month to be single.Women flock to the local watering hole to help find them a man that will take them out on the 14th. For men it must be a nightmare, I'm sure as the 14th day of the month draws near they must think is she only dating me because of valentines day. of course that would be a new romance.

If you are happy being single then just let the day pass like any other day. Don't get caught up into the whole hype. That's all it is. nothing more.
If you are not happy being single or are ready for something more make sure you are seeing that guy for the right reasons.

Thankfully valentines day falls on Thursday this year and well most of us will be working so a movie night in with the girls is perfect. Of course you can do that movie night by yourself and have the two best men in your life join you, Ben and Jerry's (I just had to put that in there).

For loads of us girls its going to be a bit of a nightmare day. Whats going to get me through it is knowing that it is all hype. I have never had an amazing valentines day and realistically never will. Even being in a relationship its hard to live up the hype.

On a side note: I hate how people view it as a holiday, how is it a holiday? we don't get a day off its just another day of the week. We don't need a day to show people that we love them! pifft talk about a load off bull shit.

If you are single on valentines day don't get yourself down, its such an overrated day. View it as a me day. Go out and buy yourself that pair of shoes that you have been dreaming about for the past two weeks. If you are in a relationship don't build the day up otherwise you will just end up being disappointed.

Remember: Valentines day is overrated, a day that businesses thrive on get a few extra bob in. It's not worth getting yourself down over one day.

Do you have any plans for Valentines day? What are they?



  1. MY plans are to rest up for our boozy friday sleepovvvverrr wooo! haha x

  2. I completely agree with you and I'm in a relationship....the closest I come to celebrating it is wishing my boyf a happy valentines, probably via text...


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