Is French out?

Hi Lovelies,

Like any girly girl, I love LOVE nail varnish.
It would be rare sight to see me with out nail varnish even if I support the chipped look.

As beautiful as the French manicure look is, I think its overdone. You really do see it everywhere, and at this stage it is almost expected that for any ALL occasions to have a French manicure.

As of late I bought two new nail the moment I am on the quest to find the perfect blue, but, that is a different post for a different time.

I was really excited to try the nude colour I bought from Catrice Cosmetics. Not that it was a nude colour but that it  was a 'ULTI MATE NUDES' oh yes I had to try it. I purchased the not quite but almost baby pink shade '010 Dance Like A Prima Ballerina'. 

At first I was not impressed, with one look a bit odd, i don't think you could go around with just one coat, even if they say you can.

With the second/third coat, it looked 100 times better and just so so pretty and delicate.

Overall, I think 'Dance Like A Prima Ballerina' has the elegance of the French Manicure  but none of the hassle. I do think if you are a bride to be, and, want to edge away form the French Manicure look the nude look really is the way to go.  

What do you think? should French stay or should it go?


  1. I think the French manicure is beautiful and classic but I agree sometimes it is overdone. I think if we step back from it for a while rediscovering it is beautiful :)


  2. I totally agree, I love how polished it looks but I think we need to start to think outside of that box...and not into the nail art box because not everyone can do it xxx

  3. I've definitely not found a polish that looks good with just one coat.

  4. Chanel do amazing polishes, one coat and its perfect! x


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