The Wedding and Honeymoon show 2011

Hello lovelies, 
I would first like to say, I am so sorry not blogging in such a long time. Things have been mad with starting college, moving house and freshers week. I wrote this post a long time ago but haven't had time to take photos till now.  

Oh the amount of events I have gone to at the RDS, t'is quite a few.
To brake up my scarily busy weekend I decided that I would go to The Wedding and Honeymoon show in the RDS.

Even thought the wedding is such a long way off I couldn't help but go. I thought I would come out with loads of ideas and a better sense of what I wanted. A few friends of mine said that their relatives got good ideas for their own weddings. 

Look at that Queue!
I was genuinely surprised at the amount of people who where their. I did not expect to see that many brides to be. I was one of the lucky ones to pick up a bridal magazine so I will be oohing and awing over this for the next while.

Their where two things I wanted to get more information on.
1. Invites/save the date
2. Marquees

I didn't get much information. A lot of the people at the stands I felt where rude and unhelpful. They asked questions that they had no interest in hearing the answer and contradicted themselves on important points of information. 

Compared to many other RDS shows everything was all over the place. Groups of stands that you would expect to see next to each other where not. In fact I am pretty sure I only saw one stand for honeymoons which kinda defeats the purpose of a wedding and honeymoon show.

Over all I was not very impressed. I didn't get what I wanted to get out of the whole experience.  I felt it was a bit of a waist of time bar the cake samples which where divine! 

Did anyone go to the show this year? Was it like this last year?  Did you experience the same or did you have a better experience? 


  1. Its a shame that you didnt find anything you liked there, but yay for the cake samples!!

  2. I know! I was really looking forward to getting something out of it. The cakes where amazing!! :) xx

  3. Ah I didn't get a chance to go there, this year :'(


  4. Aww :( but their are always wedding shows on! :) x

  5. gorgeous!

    i love your blog. your style and vibe are great.

    please check out my blog and follow me back if you like! you can see my recently launched scarf line, 'charlotte & lisa'


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