Detox Update

Hi Lovelies,

I always find when I follow something people rarely give update on how they got on or how they feel about it now.

I thought I would let all of you know my thoughts on the Detox diet a few months on, if you have no idea what I am on about you can check it out here! What I love about this detox is how simple it is, its not one bit complicated unlike other detox diets. Granted it is not healthy but its only over a weekend.

I didn't really feel any different after it was over I was just happy it was over. I did change a few things in the way I ate after, unfortunately after a few weeks of college it didn't last that long, Dam those random hours!!

One thing that I really noticed was my apatite shrunk so much!! It really helped me lose weight and my sweet tooth was not as bad as it was. I definitely would do it again as I was really happy with the results, even if its a pain for just two day!

Did any one do this detox how did you find it?  


  1. my sister and my brother-in-law do a detox (i'm not sure what it's called, though), and they said it makes them feel refreshed and healthy after. i think i'm gonna have to do a detox sometime. :)

    <3, Mimi

  2. I think everyone should one at some point it's so easy to eat bad icky food we need the detox to get out for the rut and get rid of those evil toxins. They are actually grate for getting rid of cellulite. On Monday the whole family is going on a 3 week detox so that should really good for all of us and interesting to see how we all cope with out stuff. There are so many out their though its really hard to pick. Good luck when you do it though! :) x


Thank you for you comment :) I will reply as soon as I can x


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