My First EVER Detox

Up until a few weeks ago, I never felt the need to go on a detox. I didn't even consider the power of a good detox. 

Why the detox? I gained a huge amount of weight and quite suddenly simply form a massive change in diet. For someone who lost weight at a click of a finger and had a lovely flat stomach, I didn't think much off it. As the months went by my stomach just got bigger and bigger.

As hard as I tried to sick to any sort of diet and I did try my very hardest it just would not work. My arch enemy  got the better of me. sweets, cakes, chocolates oh you are all so deliciously evil! The more I let my enemy win the bigger my sweet tooth became. I didn't have the true determination that you need to lose as much weight as I have to (over 2 stone). Now I feel that I do.  

Since my mother raved to me about how amazing this is detox that stems form the French one thing grabbed my attention, it got rid of any sort of sweet tooth the answer that I have been looking for. The detox is based around leeks, just leeks nothing else for 48 hour. 

This detox hopefully is the start of a clean slate, where I will finally be able to start losing weight for the big day and for myself. What I have planned is to lose a stone maybe a bit more maybe a bit less by this time next year.  

Wish me luck!


  1. Best of luck! Don't think i've ever had a leek... I hope it works for you:) Last time I saw you you looked great anyways!

  2. awh thank you hun :) thanks for your support! xx


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