Detox day one

Before I start I need to say this: Don't have any plans and have a duvet weekend for this!

This morning when I woke up, I didn't make a bee line to fridge like I though I would. I some how managed to get though my usual morning routine before feeling hungry. Major plus I though.

For Breakfast I had a bowl of leek juice spiced up with some pepper and salt and lemon and a handful of leek segments.
For lunch I combined the bowl of leek juice with leeks segments.
For dinner well I didn't have dinner. 

First of all I felt I was surrounded by food and just going to the food store was surprisingly hard. 
As the day progressed I really started to feel the toll of this detox. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed and read a book till I had to go out again. My hope in this detox dwindled. 
I didn't have dinner because I didn't want to sit their trying to force myself to eat it. 

I don't have that detox feeling I was expecting, or is their even a detox feeling. I was expecting to feel lighter I am a bit disappointed with that, in saying that I don't know if I am meant to feel lighter. 
I also don't feel blotted surprisingly

Dose the detox feeling even exist?  Did you feel that feeling?

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