Review - Dove Shampoo - Nourishing Oil Care range

Us naturally wavy hair peeps don't have that many good hair days...or is it just me?

Like it looks ok cause that just got out of bed look is all in and the stay hairs are well no matter what you do they are going to be there right? Well that is going to change and you don't have to break the bank!! 

At the Dove Feel The Difference Launch a few weeks back we where given a range of amazing new products to try part of that range was the Nourishing Oil Care range who where having a bit of a relaunch. 


The Long and Short of it

Perfect if you have wavy hair! My hair hasn't felt this nourished and smelt so good in such a long time!

A Bit More Detail:

The whole range it designed to not weigh your hair down and gets right into the fibbers giving your hair that extra TLC it needs. 
The whole range smells friggen amazing! I have never had a shampoo that I literally  could not get enough of the smell, when that wind blows through my tamed mane I get a whiff of the Dove Nourishing Oil Care range and well it's filpin amazing!
I usually find that most drug store conditioners weigh my hair down, it doesn't do much good for my waves, I don't have to worry about this and I am left with super soft locks! 
I love the once a week hair mask that is in the range, it has Argon Oil in it. So it help the quality of my hair but also makes it uber shiny and gives it that bounce back. 

Last Words:
I really couldn't recommend this range enough! It is perfect! Salon quality hair care at reasonable prices! It is going to be something I am going to be buying again and again!

How Much Will it Cost me:

 Shampoos (250ml) and normal conditioners (200ml) €3.69
   Express Treatment conditioners (180ml) €4.99

Just look at how happy my hair is!

Have you tired the new range yet? What do you? Are you going to?



  1. I am always raving about the Dove shampoos they are fabbers and smell amazing! your hair looks great! xxx

    1. I know the smell is just to die for! I can't get enough of it! Perfect for a good feel good start to the day!


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