Hit The Shops At Jervis This Summer

Ah summer is here.....well kinda.

I don't know about you but the change of season sets me into a panic! I just have to get on top off all the cool trends. As fun as a good shopping trip is its awful draining...well the way I shop it is! Believe me I could spend a good 8 hours shopping...if only I got paid to shop I would be sorted. Nonetheless there is one place in this here fair city that has everything that I need. 

When I say everything I do mean it! The Jervis Shopping Centre in the heart of the bustling city of Dublin is my number one place to hit the shops. It has everything! One of my most beloved stores is right there and that is of course Forever 21. You really can't go wrong. It even caters for my peculiar (questionable) style. 

How can I forget about the largest Newlook store in Europe which offer a generous student discount. For me its the ideal place to pick up some fab basic items and some fab shoes!!

If you need to pick up a pair of jeans Stradivarius and Bershka have never failed to disappoint!!


  1. I love Forever 21, they have so much gorgeous clothes, dressy items, casual, Iv even gotten great gym clothes. I wish we had more than one in Dublin! xxx

    1. I totally agree! Forever 21 is such a life savor!


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