Lush Aqua Marina Review

For some reason us beauty bloggers love a bit of Lush, yes it is amazing, organic and oh so kind to the aul skin....I guess for that reason why not? yeah?

I like Lush but I wouldn't be all over it like a glass of sirre 

I am a sucker for skin care in particular cleansers. I seem to have set myself on a mission to find the perfect cleanser, bit ambitious don't you think? My purse agrees with you!

I was advised by the store manager to try Aqua Marina, as it is perfect for dehydrate skin (well according to her) So trusting the manger I handed over my €7.95 and off I went with a new cleanser to try. Before I continue I have tried this lil sea critter out for just over 2 months (This will last you up to three months depending on how much you use) 


The Long and Short of it:

It was great at cleansing the skin, be it a bit on the messy side with the seaweed that is in the mix. 

A bit more detail: 

A little goes a long way, and you can let it sit on your skin kinda like a face mask to give your skin that bit of TLC once a week before washing it off with warm water. 
It is messy, expect bits of seaweed to stick to your sink, in your hair. Even the now dirty water that has been used to wash off the cleanser will run down your arms, neck, even on to your cloths, if you miss it expect it to dry in a light pink crusty form (a bit like toothpaste really) - charming I know!
It did cleanse my skin, considering that Aqua Marina was recommend for my dehydrated skin I was expecting it to help out my poor poor skin. This was not the case, yes it did cleanse it but there was no difference in my skin, it felt fresh but It didn't feel hydrated. 
Once I had cleansed my mug my skin was left with a bit of an oily feel to it, since lack of natural oils are not an issue with my skin I was bit like "hummm this dose not suit my skin one bit what was the store manger thinking." Am I right? 

Last Words:

I personally think that Aqua Marina is suited for those who suffer from dry skin. In fact I think It would be perfect for anyone who has dry skin for a bit of a boost due to the natural oils.

Have you tried Aqua Marina before? What was your experience? Do you have any recommendations for a cleaner for dehydrated skin? Do you have an all time favorite cleanser? 

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