Knit a Hat for Innocent Smoothies

Winter will be upon us or in some cases is upon us

When we usually picture winter, warm cosy fires pop into our heads, plenty of warm food and heat. Sadly this is not the case for everyone. For the elderly this can be a very harsh season to see through. We hear of many elderly people who died due to lack of heat or food perish over this harsh season.

Innocent and age action have teemed together to help people in this situation. 25c will be donated to Age Action, it may not seem like a lot but it adds up!

Age Action is a charity that helps to look after those who are overlooked in society. They help in any way they can in making peoples lives better.

Just a little bit more:

It may look hard to knit a hat, but its very easy and quick! here is a handy video that shows you how!

SO will you knit a hat for Age Action? 

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