Top tips for moving home (Part Due)

 I now want to focus on the unpacking side of things. I personally think this is the most challenging part of the whole moving process. You are so drained form packing things and unloading never mind the lack of sleep! Now you see yourself staring at all those neatly marked boxes and you still have no idea where to start.
The following tips will help you with what I think are the best/ stress free and fun ways of unpacking and to finally getting to enjoy your new pad.
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1. You have a friend in me
Ask a friend or two to help you unpack or at least give you some guidance as to where to start. The thought of having someone even a close friend going through your belongings seams weird and almost like some sort of invasion of privacy. It's not; they have seen the majority of your belongings before. You can even tell them to help you with unpacking the kitchen and living room and for them to stay away from the bedroom.

2. Bin bags needed
You will find as you unpack and go through things that you will be tempted to throw them out. Do! Have a bin bag with you at all times so you can bin them straight away! Remember to recycle anything as well! If you think something is worth a few bob lash it on adverts or eBay, only for a short while as you don’t want it taking up valuable space.

3. Where to start?
Personally I would go in order of 1.Kitchen  2.Bedroom 3.Living room and so on. By doing it this way you have the important rooms done and dusted.

4. Moving day movie night
I find that organising a movie night is great for two reasons. There is a definite end time to unpacking and secondly it’s a treat for all involved.  

5. Work will get in the way
Never take time off work for a move, you never know what might come up that you will need to take time off for which would be far more important than a move. Personally the best thing to do is to sit down and decide on when you will unpack. It's hard after a busy day at work, set aside an hour a day for unpacking, it may be a slow process but it will be done right.

If you have any unpacking tips please add them below.

If you missed out on part one you can check it out here 

Happy Moving



  1. these are great little moving tips girl! especially because we will be moving into our new apartment next week! perfect ;)
    xo TJ

  2. I'm so glad you think so! I think they are so handy because they really do work :)

  3. I'm so glad you think so! I think they are so handy because they really do work :)

  4. Great tips. Carry on the good work

  5. great information, thanks for the post. i will share on the louderback moving services website

  6. Unpacking would be a lot easier if you’ll also label your boxes with location specific information like kitchen or bathroom

  7. @Yeruchem, thanks :) so glad you like it and its being posted on an actual moving company website!

    @Nadia, I have mentioned that in part one

  8. How about hiring a truck big enough to fit all of your contents in one hit is a big help.
    That way you may also minimize stress feeling because you don’t have to make multiple trips!
    Good luck to everyone!

  9. @Becca@LocksmithAdelaide: I already covered that in part one


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