The secret to Invincible tights!

Hi Girls (and Boys), I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. 

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I don't know about you, but me and tights don't really go down too well. I seem to murder them after just one wear or less. Recently on, Lynnie informed us of a little tip that is sure to ensure the longevity of our beloved tights. This handy little tip will allow you avoid the embarrassment of a ladder appearing in your tights and you becoming the talk of the office!

It's an odd one but it sure does work!
All you have to do is freeze your tights, yep you did read that right! 

1. Rinse tights in cold water

2. Place in freezer bag

3. Leave for 24hrs or till fully frozen

4. Allow to defrost

5. Dry

6. Put tights to the test in various experiments and be amazed. 

Now it goes without say that they will not be invincible or in any way are wonder tights but you will be safe in the knowledge that they will last for much longer than after you walking out the door. 


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