A pot of dreams with a little book of Happiness

I really couldn't resit, even with being called a celtic tiger baby by my mother. Which just proves my point that to some they are useless and a gimmick but to others they are far more than that. I purchased two wedding related items as of late. One being the adorable Pot of Dreams the second a Wedding Diary.

The Pot of Dreams is an adorable piggy bank. The reason that I bough this was I thought it would be a cute way to save and would finally motivate us. What makes this 'piggy bank' or pot unique is that you have to crush it to open it up, so no putting 5c's in. This is for serious savers! The pot it's self holds over £1000 in euros much the same, but myself has a plan. I am going to put in the odd fiver here and there to allow for the fund to reach well over a 1000 euros.

This is something that I have wanted for quite some time but really wished someone would have bought it as a present, manly because I think its a bit weird that I bought myself this. I am very happy with it though. Once again the mother didn't really get it. This is like the baby book that most of us have, that our parents or you kept in order to preserve the special memory's. But of course with a difference, it dose help you plan to an extent. More importantly it allows you to document every aspect of the wedding and to add in actual items, with cute blank pages where you can slot in your wedding invitations etc. This was purchased with one intention to fill in with care and to open on anniversary's. 

I think these two items are the prefect engagement gift. You can purchase a pot of dreams here or here. If you don't want to go on-line I bought both of these items in easons.

Would you agree with my mother that they are a gimmick or would you agree with me that they hold a sentimental property? 

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