Should I have an engagement party?

That is one of the bigger questions when you first get engaged.

In wedding world there are certain rules to follow. In wedding world if you are planning on tying the knot within 6 months there is no need as you my dear you will be brushing up on your wedding know how from day one!

In real world, has it even crossed your mind till A, you were asked when the engagement party is or B, been to one and saw that it’s a must!!

Either way you must host one?

I am not quite into the whole unnecessary celebration for things as others are. There are benefits from both sides but beware there are rules you must follow if you chose to go ahead. Wedding world verse's real world is built up on rules and steeped in tradition. You do not want to break a wedding rule unless you want your wedding to be talked about for the wrong reason and on the big W day as i like to call it.

The rules
If it’s a short engagement there is no need for an engagement party it will not be expected of you. If you still want to mark your engagement with a bang then go ahead.

1. Invite the same guest to your party as you would your wedding

2. Ensure the theme and d├ęcor is the same as your wedding

3. Avoid a late engagement party i.e. over a month is no good.

If it’s a medium engagement, anything from nine months to a year and a half. It will be expect of you

1. Be very careful in who you invite. You don't know who is watching. You have some leeway in dropping a few guests from your W day but not a lot.

2. Have a hint of your theme i.e. flowers or colour

3. You can host your party between the second and third month of your engagement.

For a long engagement over two years.

1. Invite who you want, there is no need to be careful.

2. No need to have any hint of your theme, what’s the point it will be dated on the day.

3. Host it between three to nine months of being engaged.

You can also go a different route and not have one at all. Depending on the type of person you are.

An engagement party is more of a recent thing that is only used to show off. In my opinion having had my own engagement party I feel it’s a waste of time, energy and money.



  1. I think I would be scared if I got engaged after reading this! But I do like a good party so I would for sure have one, but I'm not to good at following the rules so mine would have to be a long engagement xx

  2. haha, once you get into wedding world all of this makes perfect sense. It's a bit like mean girls but with adults.


  3. Yesss have a party! an excuse haha x

  4. I did actaully and you can read all about it here

    Its one less stress moment that I can happily live without though


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