How to pick the wedding date

Picking the date of when you are going to get married sounds straight forward. 
you sit there with a dart and each of the months of the calender ripped out and taped to the wall and you just throw, right?
In some cases, and it dose sound like a novel way of picking your date. 

In  the majority of cases it involves a lot more than that.
It took myself and himself almost a year to chose the date. lets rephrase, it took about five minuets the getting there part was the problem. 

Everyone is different and everyone chooses there date for different reasons. 
Some decided on what there favourite season is as a couple 
Some go with an important date
Some just pick it out of a hat.

There is no right or wrong way to pick a date, its all down to the individual.

There are downsides though, if you chose too early you might not get the ideal wedding if you chose too far ahead you wont be able to plan anything.

Top Tip:If you want to save some dosh and all thanks to your date chose a winter wedding. A lot of hotels do discounted rates that make the rest of us brides to be burn up with envy at the sweet savings that can be had.

Have you picket your date? How did you pick it? When is your date?

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