The best way to chose your bridal party

Your bridal party is you’re posy for more than one day. Yeah they do protect you from that kid hugging your lovely white dress with nasty sticky hands and most importantly help you go to the loo and heave up all that fabric!

But choosing who to be in your posy can be one challenge that most brides dread, never mind the groomsmen. You have to be very careful. We all know weddings are sacred but with the way times have changed they have also become ticking time bombs for massive bitchy fights. Picture the end of Bride Wars but with your bridal party. How can you avoid it? Well for one thing it all depends on who you have in mind and how many.

Some people prefer to keep it simple and keep it within the family. Others may want nothing to do with their family and may chose friends. It all comes down to personal choice. You have to go into the battle field ready.

Picture a number and stick with it. I think 3 is the perfect number.

Make a decision if family or friends or both. Be clear about it so no one gets mixed signals

Be clear. Once you have chosen your bridal party sit down with them and tell them what’s what. Do you want help with the planning form all of them? Do you expect them to help you decorate?  Will they wear what they are told or do they have a choice? ask them if they might want to chip in for their dresses etc. (this one is insane but if they are willing to pitch in €50 each that’s a massive saving and that can go towards there makeup for the day. do think about it regardless of how unconventional it is)
Ask them who wants to be more involved and who is just along for the ride.  This way you know what’s what and will prevent the whole "Amy is in no way interested in anything. She is such a bitch! She is no longer my brides made"

Be reasonable with your Maid of Honour. Yes they are meant to be your right winged man and take and bullet for you. But you can go too far. Keep in mind it’s an honor for them to be your Maid of Honour they are not going to drop everything for you.

How to choose your right winged man can be a bit of challenge. You can go with a family member or a friend. Mine was quite straight forward. I chose my beat friend who I can be brutally honest with without a massive bitch session to go on behind my back. So if you are stuck chose someone who you know is loyal and you are loyal to them. You will need there honesty when it comes to dress shopping.

So keep it simple, let them have their say and as the saying goes honesty is the best policy. 


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