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Celebrating 30 years of diet coke

Last Wednesday myself and a few fellow blogges (links at the end) went along to to the launch of Marc Jacobs being the creative director for everyones favorite diet beverage and that very drink being 30 years old. 

The event was healed in BT2 and frankly I had no idea what it would be like, the only this that we did know that the bade, Diet Coke man was going to be there having already launched the new era of Diet Coke at 11.30 in the same store that very morning. 

The event was amazing with a photo booth (you can't resist one!), some yummy cocktails, great music, a fashion show from the Marc Jacobs line and of course the hunk that is Andrew Cooper. Of course we got our photo taken with him like giddy school children. 

To mark to occasion a pouch designed by Marc Jacobs will be up for grabs and lets not forget those cans of Diet Coke!!

It was a fab night and we all had such a ball! Thank you Diet Coke and Think House!!

The bloggers that I mentioned:

The No Carbs Diet

When I say diet I don't mean it as a diet. I just don't know what else to call it. I was debating about writing this post last night as for me parts of it are personal. I had a conversation on twitter which made up my mind. 

I did not get this way of eating out of a diet book it just worked for me as I know a lot about food etc. This is not heathy I only use to to ensure that I don't gain weight.

This will be my second time doing this. As I said its only weight management.

This 'diet' is a bit long winded so you are warned in advance.  

The Basics: 
As the tittle states you are going to be staying away from carbs. Not all carbs though, if carbs are in the food naturally then its A.OKAY
you are going to stay away from bread, pasta, potatoes (even though thats more starch), wraps, rice etc 
You are also going to want to a avoid cheese, butter, sweets 

Portion Size: 
Cut everything in half. 
Measure out the recommended amount (as most of us give double serving sizes)

Fruit & Veg:
 If you choose to do this diet this is going to be a big part of it.
Ensure that you double how much you would normally consume. 
So you are basically replacing the carbs that would normally be on your plate with fruit or veg, 

What to drink:
lots and lots of water!
Since your cutting your portions down you are going to be be hungry so its important to fill up on liquids. 
Green tea is great as it speeds up your metabolism try to have one cup with every meal
Lemon and water is a life savor read more about it here 

If you have a craving brush your teeth
chew gum
Put your food on a smaller plate so it looks less empty
Take your time while eating (take a sup of water between each bite)

ok so as a balanced diet its important to snack 
With this I don't for the first week

Sample Day Of Food:
just to give you an idea of what I am going to eat over the week:

100g natural yogurt 
100g of fruit


Salad -mix leaves
        - Tomatoes
     - peppers
Roasted chicken breast 1/4
Roasted Garlic

So yeah its not a lot. Like I said you are filling yourself up with water.
The whole point of this is to help shrink your stomach.
So I do this for about a week. 
By the end of the week I slowly introduce carbs but instead of having two slices of bread with my sandwich I will have one. 
For me this is a life style change so I do stick to some of the principles but im not as strickt.  
I am off college this week so I can afford to do this. 
I am taking vitamins with this 'diet' 

You need to stop eating when you feel full. 
I think this is a big part of it and you should carry this on after you finish this 'diet' 
I like to eat before I am fully full. - This is where eating slow and drinking between bits comes into play. 

I keep carbs to the minimum for about 2 weeks after this. 
I try to keep portion sizes to about the same 

I can't really go out to restaurants now (not that I go a lot)
I always leave a lot of food behind 

Would you try this? have you done something similar? 
Would you like an update on how I got on?

Being Single On Valentines Day

As a blogger you get bombarded with PR emails that are all related to valentines day. Being single it's like rubbing salt into the wound. I have been receiving these valentines day emails since jan so it has gotten to me a bit. Usually valentines day is just another day, yes it would be nice to receive flowers from an admire and have breakfast in bed. But as a single gall that is not going to happen.  On that day realistically you are going to be giving evils to everyone that looks remotely happy. What makes it worse is that every business out there jumps on the valentines day band waggon and make it out to be a lot more than what it is.  I'm sorry but you don't need one day to show that you love someone. If you really care about someone you are going to be doing the usual valentines day crap on a regular basis.

 Feb is not the month to be single.Women flock to the local watering hole to help find them a man that will take them out on the 14th. For men it must be a nightmare, I'm sure as the 14th day of the month draws near they must think is she only dating me because of valentines day. of course that would be a new romance.

If you are happy being single then just let the day pass like any other day. Don't get caught up into the whole hype. That's all it is. nothing more.
If you are not happy being single or are ready for something more make sure you are seeing that guy for the right reasons.

Thankfully valentines day falls on Thursday this year and well most of us will be working so a movie night in with the girls is perfect. Of course you can do that movie night by yourself and have the two best men in your life join you, Ben and Jerry's (I just had to put that in there).

For loads of us girls its going to be a bit of a nightmare day. Whats going to get me through it is knowing that it is all hype. I have never had an amazing valentines day and realistically never will. Even being in a relationship its hard to live up the hype.

On a side note: I hate how people view it as a holiday, how is it a holiday? we don't get a day off its just another day of the week. We don't need a day to show people that we love them! pifft talk about a load off bull shit.

If you are single on valentines day don't get yourself down, its such an overrated day. View it as a me day. Go out and buy yourself that pair of shoes that you have been dreaming about for the past two weeks. If you are in a relationship don't build the day up otherwise you will just end up being disappointed.

Remember: Valentines day is overrated, a day that businesses thrive on get a few extra bob in. It's not worth getting yourself down over one day.

Do you have any plans for Valentines day? What are they?


Just shut up for a week (well 5 days)

An acquaintance  of mine has shut up for a five days all in the name of charity for his college now those of you that know me know I am a UCD gril and well this guy is a TCD guy and well I don't need to go into the deets about the 'friendly'rivalry that goes on between these two colleges. 

Anyways I think what he is doing is pretty dam awesome. Just think about it, he can't say a word for five days all in the name of charity. Now that is much braver than getting parts of your body waxed or your head shaved. 
He has been keeping a video long of how he has been getting on so do check them out below, personally I think they are really interesting form a physiological perspective. 

Here is the Facebook group where he links the videos every night and more about why and the link to how much he has raised to date is all here


P.S: I am not doing this post in anyway to help raise money for what hes doing I just think its amazing what he is doing and feel it needs to be shared.

Nandos Blogger Meetup

As Hanna from A Bullet To The Head informed us on the twitter machine that she has never experience Nandos It had to be rectified at once!

So of course a meetup needed to be organised, and yours truly has taken on the challenge. 

The Deets:

When: It will take place on the 26th of January (A saturday) 

Where: Nandos...obvs

Time: either 6 or 7pm...who knows we might go a bit crazy and say 6.30 

Everyone is more than welcome to come but please 
email me on:
Tweet me at: @SarahHelenR
so I know that you are coming! 

I will need to book a table so let me know before the 22nd 

If you want to keep up with all that happening I am using the hashtag

One of the most overrated nights of the year - New Years Eve

NYE is by far the most over rated night of the year by a long shot. everyone goes on about how amazing it's going to be. But is it really? It's just like any other night of the year but, getting a taxi home is next to impossible unless you live in a country where public transport is actually decent. Everywhere is over crowded. 

So of course I deiced to go out and join this overrated night.

 Did you indulge in the most over rated night of the year?


How to help increase your skins recovery.

With this time of year, having bad skin can be common. Sadly all those chocolates and nice tasting things (why is it always the nice tasting things?) reward me with terrible skin. 

Besides taking extra care with morning and night time routines and maybe an extra exfoliation to the areas most effected I find the two best things to speed things along a bit is: Water with lemon and green tea. 

lukewarm water with fresh lemon juice is amazing, it helps to clear the skin as it is packet full of vitamin C, but it also can help with keeping those wrinkles at bay. 

Green tea is also quite the wonder product. Even though lemon and water helps to remove toxins form the body Green Tea is best know for this. It also has added benefits such as increasing the metabolism and it decreases tooth decay.   

All in all, this will help get rid of bad skin in no time! Do you think you will be giving this a try now? do you have any tips to get of bad skin in a hurry? 

Christmas Blogger Meet Up (2012 edition/Dublin edition)

So a few weeks back the amazing Sarah hosted a fab blogger meet up. It really was lovely to meet all few of those who I would talk to online face to face.

Sarah really did out do her self this year with booking a room! Yes we where inside not in the freezing cold of Dublin streets. We also had amazing guest speakers. Two which talked about there amazing products and three of which who are bloggers. We even had a photographer !!

A while back I was speaking to someone on twitter and she told that she didn't want to attend a blogger meet up in her area. Out of worries and nerves more than anything. So I though I would share with you why I think its such a good idea to go to these meet up's even if its just one!

There is such a strong community around blogging and there are so many of us now at this stage that it's easy to get lost in the crowed. Yes there are divides that can be seen on twitter but that's the way it is with anything in life. The key word is community these girls and boys got your back! You can definitely build strong bonds online but they are stronger when you meet these people face to face.

I think these meet ups are great for any kind of blogger no matter what following they have. There is something about being able to discuss your own blogging problems with people face to face you get deeper into whatever the issue at hand is.

It's also amazing to just know these people. Once again going back to the word community this is one and you will not regret embracing your local blogging community.


Noom dieting app for android.

When I  upgraded to an android phone I decided to look at the apps that where on offer (I would like to note I had to down grade so the screen shots could be dated)

I didn't intend to look for anything that would help with dieting but it intrigued me and it was free so why not!

I have to say I am happy I did download Noom as I am actually losing weight! Shock horror I know!

So why is this wonder app so great?

Its not harmful, instead it aims to show you how to lead a healthy life.
When you first install it, it asks you to record your Age, Sex, Weight, and target weight. Once that's all done it gives you more information about the app, such all the different challenges you will have to do each day, logging your breakfast or how much veg you have eaten throughout the day. It also encourages you to do some exercise three times a week.

It has a huge physiological impact as you have to log in each item of your meal, don't worry its not a pain or having to log in the exact calories. What it does is it puts food into three different categories’, Green, Amber, and Red. This encourages you to make minor changes. I now drink green tea and instead of full fat milk I now use soy. They are small changes but have a huge impact.

This app is full of happy encouragement. From each weigh in to when you do some exercise. 

In regards to exercise you realize that every movement is exercise. Even give the house a quick hoover! In this screen shot the Noom coach is encouraging me to walk around the house during ad brakes. 

What I don't like about Noom?

I don't like how the coach wants you to do a weight in every second day - I would prefer if it was once a week as you can go up and down for no real reason.

I don't like the forms. I find some of the people on them to be just plain nasty. There is also a lot of talk of teenagers with eating disorders that should not on it full stop! I also think that there are too many young teenagers on 12 or 13 thinking that they are overweight.

Over all

I love it. The down sides are not so bad and it encourages you to make life changes instead of temporary. Since I had to downgrade the message that Noom wants to teach you and food and diet really stuck with me which is a huge singe of how great this app really is. 

Do you have this app? how did it go for you? Has this encouraged you to try out this app?


Knit a Hat for Innocent Smoothies

Winter will be upon us or in some cases is upon us

When we usually picture winter, warm cosy fires pop into our heads, plenty of warm food and heat. Sadly this is not the case for everyone. For the elderly this can be a very harsh season to see through. We hear of many elderly people who died due to lack of heat or food perish over this harsh season.

Innocent and age action have teemed together to help people in this situation. 25c will be donated to Age Action, it may not seem like a lot but it adds up!

Age Action is a charity that helps to look after those who are overlooked in society. They help in any way they can in making peoples lives better.

Just a little bit more:

It may look hard to knit a hat, but its very easy and quick! here is a handy video that shows you how!

SO will you knit a hat for Age Action? 

Image from Here


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